Environmental Disposal

  At Community Computer Alliance, we understand that what goes into the garbage doesn't disappear. We take every measure into consideration to meet and exceed United States EPA regulations. Many devices in the computer industry contain elements that are harmful to the environment, such as lead and mercury. This is why we make every attempt to keep equipment in circulation as long as possible. When equipment cannot be kept in circulation, either due to it being inoperable or due to its age, we make every attempt to recycle that part. If for some reason it cannot be recycled, it is disposed of properly according to the most current EPA guidelines. Ohio Drop Off can also provide documented indemnification of risk if that is a concern for you or your business.


  Our goal is to make our recycling service as convenient as possible. Our service is provided at little to no cost for any consumer looking to dispose of computer equipment. Businesses looking to dispose of OLD electronic equipment are encouraged to contact us to discuss and schedule appointments and transportation arrangements.